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  • How can Storytelling help you come closer to your clients?

    Storytelling is a tool for communication that helps us to connect meaning and emotions.

    How can Storytelling help you come closer to your clients?

    Although Storytelling has been present since the times of our greatest ancestors, it has nowadays had a new renaissance because of trademarks.

    Storytelling consists of telling a story related to your company or product that generates an emotional connection with your clients. It triggers a positive emotion that inspires people to take action.

    “The audience does not come to your concert because of the pieces you play, but for the emotions you make them feel and the meaning it has for them to be part of your experience”

    What advantages does storytelling have?

    Inspires trustworthiness: Telling details always transmit more trustworthiness. Take it as an opportunity to tell your audience how you started and the problems you have overcome until today. 

    Easy to remember: It is very easy to remember a story, especially if you manage to empathize and make people feel identified. 

    Provides context: when you provide context it is easier to imagine a story in your head and everything will make more sense.

    We love stories: Of course we love stories, we don’t want to hear boring data, we want to feel emotions.

    Creates a better connection: It creates a special bonding, as the message directly aims at your emotions. 

    Appeals to your senses: it personalizes your product and makes it reach people’s hearts.

    How can we hook our audience?

    1. Tell them how you came up with the idea. (When, where and why)

    2. Comment on the obstacles you have encountered and how you have overcome them. This way, people may value your efforts and product even more.

    3. Be authentic and honest.

    Some storytelling marketing campaigns:

    IKEA advertising campaign

    CampoFrío advertising campaign

    How to include storytelling to your social media strategy

    storytelling marketing 1 » Treze Marketing
    1. Speak about your day to day.
    2. Identification: Tell you audience who is behind the project, who are the workers, the suppliers and even the clients.
    3. Create original stories.
    4. Research your audience: Interact with them, ask their opinions and make them feel both valued and involved in your product.
    5. Attract their interest through mystery.
    6. Use different formats: Social networks let you use various formats and channels to communicate. Analyze which one your clients prefer and go for it.