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  • Imperfect fruits and vegetables: Is it time not to turn a blind eye yet?

    Knowing the importance of avoiding waste and why can be beneficial for your company

    Imperfect fruits and vegetables: Is it time not to turn a blind eye yet?

    Fruits and vegetables with defects and peculiar appearances are usually rejected. We always base what we eat on what we see and that fact has passed on to the agroalimentary industry in the last few years, as they are rejecting products just because they do not meet strict visual standards.

    Therefore, everytime we throw away a fruit or a vegetable because of its aesthetics, we are wasting the resources used for their production: seeds, water, energy, etc.

    But, is it really a global problem?

    Well, that’s a good question. It is not just a global problem, it is “the global problem”. If food waste were a country, it would be the third bigger emitter of greenhouse gases. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations published in 2019, we waste ⅓ of the food that we produce every year.

    This food loss and waste annually produces emissions that are equivalent (87%) to the ones of global road transportation. 

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     Specifically, in the European Union it is estimated that 20% of all the food produced is thrown away or wasted (FUSIONS, 2016), while 55 million people cannot afford a quality meal every two days.

    Imperfect fruits and vegetables and their properties

    Consumers have conditioned all their life what they eat on its appearance: if it is symmetrical,pristine and bright colored it is edible and tasty and also anything deformed or imperfect is associated to be “inedible”.

    However, a small defect in the appearance of a vegetable due to its size, shape or color does not necessarily impact the taste or properties of the product. Also, we can say that those imperfect fruits and vegetables contain the same properties and nutrients as those visually perfect.

    New consumers, new opportunities

    In Spain, the “Ugly Food” and “Zero Waste” movements have come into their own. Nowadays there exists an increasingly environmentally conscious consumer.

    We have to observe and listen to this consumer because with him, our path towards the visualization of imperfect products will be much easier. Every day we find a society that not only understands the need to avoid waste in order to protect the environment, but that is also capable of valuing an “imperfect” fruit in the same way (and sometimes even more) than a visually perfect one.

    If you already know the importance of avoiding waste and you know that the consumer could value very positively its decreasing, have you already thought about how to find a smart way to use your imperfect fruits and vegetables?

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