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  • Adora- a flavorful tomato

    The greatest specialists in flavorful tomatoes united for a very special one

    Adora- a flavorful tomato

    Verdita is formed by the union of  leaders in the agroalimentary sector: CASI, Unica Group and Biosabor. Their aim is to commercialize a gourmet product, the Adora® tomato, which stands out for its genuine flavor and guarantees more than 7º Brix in each piece thanks to the most state-of-the-art technology. It is ideal for export, unlike the well-known RAF or flavorful tomatoes that can be found in Almería.

    proyecto-Adora- a flavorful tomato

    This variety and trademark registration belongs to the seeds company HM Clause, which leads this project by being an innovative business model in the sector as this seed breeding company is the one that has started the marketing strategy for its partners, like the cooperative La Palma de Granada.

    The incredible quality of the product, although it is relatively new,  has been awarded prices like Medalla de Andalucía de Economía y Empresa (Andalusian medal for economy and business) and the Superior Taste Award by the International Taste Institute, obtaining the highest qualification of this price in 2020.

    tomate adora verdita » Treze Marketing

    As it is a recently created company, the priority was to establish its digital presence through its own website with a design focused on the user experience suitable for B2B (clients) and B2C (final consumers) profiles. In addition to this, the company is present in social networks in order to communicate and show the quality of this product.

    Adora® is the first marmande type tomato on the market that can be exported, as “it ripens very slowly after harvesting”. Therefore, this tomato needed to be advertised and some campaigns were carried out in MasterChef and Tiempo de Juego TV shows, with influencers, etc.

    Market research study on the product

    In order to work with such a product, firstly it is important to know the whole value chain. The first step was to carry out a market study on the company both at internal and external levels. For that, we traveled to MERCAMADRID, where we conducted several interviews to wholesalers and experts in selling tomatoes. After conducting this field work research, and knowing in detail the product, how it is marketed and the characteristics of its cultivation, we determined the strategy to follow for its positioning.

    Due to the export activities of the company, the website, technical and commercial sheets, as well as all the materials created for fairs and events in which it was involved, were translated into German and into English.

    Tomato online store

    In the second phase of the project, we created an online store which was a direct sales channel for all those consumers who had special interest in the marketed product because of its genuine flavor, and who could not find it in common markets and supermarkets.

    For the creation of this online sales channel, an e-commerce platform was established, in which a new design focused on usability was carried out. We worked hard to create a shopping experience as simple and intuitive as possible for consumers by offering several payment gateways and a fast shipping service, which is something essential when it comes to fresh products.

    We took care of everything. We worked on the packaging of the product so that it could arrive in perfect conditions at any place of the Spanish Peninsula. For that, the coordination between the manipulation center and logistics was essential, as goods should be shipped  within 24 hours after being harvested, since they are perishable products.

    Managing invoices, returns and the communication with the clients demand the company’s staff to be highly involved. That is why we provide them with training and advice on a day-to-day basis. Our goal is to automate processes and to reduce costs through agile and lean methodologies. Trust online sales experts for this kind of projects!

    verdita tienda online » Treze Marketing

    The sales strategy was to connect the online store directly to social networks, so that  followers could purchase the product in a much more direct and simple way.