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    Digital Marketing

    Your collaborators in the digital world

    In recent years, the importance of digital marketing has become an essential part of what a company means to its customers.

    Having a website is no longer enough. Has your company a digital marketing strategy?

    Could your image on social media be uncared for or not even present?

    You may be losing a significant number of potential clients , partners, and users if you are not using digital marketing tools correctly.

    Clients are used to connecting and interacting with brands or companies through digital tools. What about your company? Is it hip?

    Digital Marketing Plan

    Thanks to a personalized Digital Marketing plan, we will guide your company to determine and develop the steps to follow in the digital world.

    Having always in mind the business strategy and the goals of the company, we will carry out a thorough research on the brand,  target audience,  sector and rivals, to provide you with a detailed guide on your current situation and proposals for improvement

    Social Media Management

    86% of Internet users that use social networks  in Spain are between 16 and 65 years old so, nowadays, users expect to find you on the web and that you are present on social networks. Therefore, it is high time you take off!

    After analyzing your company, we will show you where your clients are and what type of content they need, as well as in which languages your social networks should be.

    Campaigns with Influencers

    The Influencer campaigns have become a key piece to make your company visible and transform it into sales but, how does a campaign with influencers work?

    – Planning of campaign aims

    – Selection of the ideal influencers for your company

    – Campaign design

    – Negotiation of conditions

    – Tracking

    – Campaign and metrics report