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    Human Resources

    We shape the future of human resources

    Work environments are changing dramatically. The challenge HR leadership is facing is clear: we need a strong capacity to confront changes and adapt quickly. However, we do not always have the time or the tools to implement those changes that our organization needs to remain healthy and strong.

    Our goal is to provide the best solution for you and your company. Therefore, our HR consulting services will help your organization to face the current challenges.

    Our experts provide solutions in the following areas:

    Metodologias Agiles » Treze Marketing

    Selection and Recruitment

    Don’t you have your own Recruitment department? Didn’t you get good results in previous processes? Maybe it’s time to rely on professionals.

    We work in an intensive and personalized way according to the special features of each client. Our main goal is to bring you closer to the ideal candidate, whatever the environment, needs, or location of your company.

    Personnel training and development

    The creation of new products, the opening of new markets, the transformation of your organization, or the detection of inadequate quality, are just some examples of situations that can originate a need in training.

    If you train your professionals in a way adapted to the precise requirements that the organization needs, this will bring great benefits to them, such as the improvement of their skills, the change of their attitudes and the increase of their flexibility.

    Learn about the importance of training plans for your team and discover how we can help you.

    Implementation of Agile Methodologies

    Is your organization looking for an improvement in the results of its projects? Do you feel that the goals and priorities of your team are not well defined? Is your team not efficient enough when performing tasks? Maybe it’s time to find out more about agile methodologies for your company.

    In Treze Marketing, we study your case, make a personalized prototype and train the team while we guide you throughout the implementation process.

    An agile team is synonymous with motivation, commitment and efficiency. Ready to try?

    Courses and Workshops

    Team Building activities

    Personalized workshops. Eg. communication, teamwork, conflict management, etc.

    Business English courses (all levels)

    English workshops for salespeople and professionals of the Agro sector

    Chinese courses (initial level)

    Spanish courses for foreigners: all levels