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    We create innovation by being part of it

    In Treze Marketing we work by following an open innovation model, which allows us to make the most of the talent, technology, ideas and resources from external sources.

    We form a network of trustworthiness, with people you can trust, and who trust you as well; with strategic partners that provide their experiences, services and the ability to face any type of project. A flexible, agile and decisive model, made out of highly qualified professionals from different sectors.

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    Innovation methodologies

    To open the doors to innovation it is important not just to know what we are looking for, but also how we are going to do it. Therefore, there are different methodologies that will help us make our innovation process efficient and productive.

    The Design Thinking methodology helps us to analyze and create new ideas within the innovation process. Likewise, using project management methods, such as Lean and Agile (Kanban, Scrum), enables the teams to obtain an improvement in their processes through much faster and more sustainable results.

    This will not only help us in the innovation process but also in the implementation of all decided changes and improvements.

    But what can innovation do for your company?

    Innovation can mean introducing products, services, or simply making improvements to your business processes.

    To make a company go forward, it is important to do market research and understand how innovation can add value to our customers. In addition, we must be able to identify opportunities for innovation by adapting our products or services according to the changes in the market or by developing a completely new product.

    However, it is common to feel lost, or even not prepared enough to face an innovation process. For this reason, in Treze Marketing we are happy to show you why today is the best day to apply innovation in your company.