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    Linguistic services

    We help you to expand your company

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    If you want your company to have a presence abroad, trust our team of professional translators to internationalize your business. Our linguistic services area will translate the contents of your website and documents of all kinds to any language you need.

    Make sure that the message you want to transmit reaches those who do not speak your language in the most correct and efficient way. 


    If a company expresses its contents in several languages, they will go beyond the national audience. Clients want things easy and our professional translators will help you with that.  

    We are specialized in technical and scientific translation (primarily in the agroalimentary sector) and in transcreation (creative translation), but we translate documents of any kind: newspaper articles, advertisements, research reports, trial protocols, patents, thesis, dissertations, tags, catalogs, books, etc.

    Just say in which language you want to have your text… and you will have it!

    Website localization

    We translate all kinds of multimedia contents: websites, video games, apps…

    Translating this type of contents is a complex task, do not leave it in the hands of Google Translate! 

    To perform this king of tasks it is necessary to know the needs of that new client that is abroad, what they want, what they expect to find… and our professional translators will do it in an optimal way! 

    Texts correction and revision 

    How many times have you read and reread something that you wrote and two days after you have found thousands of mistakes? Do not worry, Treze Marketing is here to help you to eradicate those mistakes that go unnoticed under the author’s eyes but that the client will certainly see. 

    Details are very important, they inspire trust.

    Audiovisual translation

    We make transcriptions, subtitles, dubbing, voice-over and, also, we are committed to the idea of making the world more accessible. Therefore, we adapt your subtitles to the deaf and we audiodescribe audiovisual files.

    Language teaching

    We teach languages for your employees, adapting the contents to your business’s needs. 

    Spanish for foreigners: all levels

    English: all levels

    Chinese: beginner level

    Spanish Sign Language: beginner level