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    Strategic Marketing

    Discover your possibilities

    Strategic marketing is based on the analysis of the market in order to identify the needs that are not covered yet and provide solutions for them. 

    It is a long and complex process in which we have to study our environment carefully and that is based in thow pillars: market research and the development of marketing plans. 

    In order to achieve the improvement and daily growth of your company, you need to support innovation, organization and control.

    Discover the two fundamental pillars that we can provide you in the area of Strategic marketing and Business development: 

    Market research studies

    We conduct thorough researches to identify at which point is your company at the moment. 

    We analyze the variables that affect your company the most: rivals, clients, distribution channels, suppliers and target audience. Moreover, as we know the importance of having a precise and detailed study, we focus our efforts on external agents that may seem not to have a direct impact in your company, but they actually have it.

    To know where you can get, you need to know where you are today. 

    Marketing plans

    Having a marketing plan is essential to reach the company’s goals effectively. 

    In Treze Marketing we accompany you in the innovation and business development process, which will enable your company to be up to date and properly adjusted to the current market trends.

    We develop new business models, we open new markets for your company, manage projects and create startups or spin-off from scratch. Our innovation model is based on having empathy with the client and we want to guide you throughout this process.