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    Web and App Development

    A great window to your target audience

    The importance of websites and APPs in marketing spreads out and reaches all aspects of digital marketing strategies.

    It is the core of the online presence of a company, as any kind of communication, content or advertisement that you publish will encourage your consumer to visit your website. Therefore, it is utterly important that what you show to your consumers makes clear what is your brand and which kind of products and services you provide. 

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    Creation and maintenance of websites

    Nowadays, it is essential to be present in the Internet. For that, we need to have a website that makes us known among our target audience and that serves as a presentation card. 

    To build a digital webpage we do not only need to create it, we need to conduct a maintenance process that keeps our website operational and functional. 

    In Treze Marketing, thanks to quality design and contents, we look out for achieving that the online image of your company is at the level it deserves. 

    APP development 

    That the world has gone mobile is a secret to no one. We live in an age in which our smartphones are with us all the time but, what do users do with these devices?  The answer: they are using apps. 

    The functions of apps are endless as, according to the needs of your company, they could have one purpose or another: information and dissemination, e-commerce, internal communication for employees or partners, etc. There is an app for anything you can imagine and we will tailor it for you. 


    Copywriting is one of the most important aspects of digital strategies, as the way in which we transmit a message is what catches the attention of our target audience or makes it just another plain text. 

    To make a good work in copywriting means to have in mind the desires and interests or our target audience in order to get at it in the most direct way and catch all its attention. For that, having a team specialized in linguistics, marketing and communication is the key to success.  

    Positioning (SEM / SEO / SEA) 

    Positioning in search engines is the place in which we appear when someone searches something related to our company. The easier it is to find you, the more people will know about you. 

    There are a great range of factors that determine the relevance and popularity of a website or social network, so, through various strategies (organic or paid), our team of professionals will achieve a distinctive place for your company. This will be a competitive advantage over your rivals, as your audience will see you first.