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Marketing & Innovation in the Agri-Food Industry

We are farmers and experts in "agromarketing"

Our projects

Transforming organisations through people

We are convinced that through our projects we can generate a positive impact on our clients'. We focus on people, to exploit their talent and that of the company itself.
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Our values. Innovation with a vision for the future


We accompany agricultural companies in the transformation of the agricultural, providing “innovation with a vision for the future”.


Our aim is to lead, from a deeper vision of the agri-food industry, the main trends shaping the society of the future.

We work as your external marketing department

There are companies that do not have a marketing department, or do not have sufficient internal resources to carry out certain projects. This is now possible thanks to “open innovation”, as we act as your external marketing and innovation department.

More about "open innovation

The outsourcing of services has become a necessity for companies seeking to innovate. It is about innovating beyond a company’s internal resources.

Moreover, it is a guarantee because it allows to take advantage of talents, technologies, ideas and resources coming from external sources. We know that today’s market demands a rapid adoption of new technologies that bring value, agility and flexibility.

This model offers solutions on demand, which makes this service available to small and medium-sized companies.

New product design and launch

We help you to organise, plan and carry out the launch of new products. We know that experience is an added value in innovation, so we provide you with the knowledge acquired through hundreds of projects to streamline your processes.

We are passionate about the agri-food.

We are a company specialised in AgroMarketing since 2012, we are trusted by national and international companies such as: Moleaer Nanobubles, Unica Group, Agroponiente, CASI, Vicasol, Biosabor, Gavà Grup, Verdita – Tomato Adora, Coexphal, Yuksel Seeds, Nunhmes-Basf, Grupo Hispatec, Hispatec Analytics, Biogard, Kimitec Group, Green Valley, Iberiqos Group, Umamy Selección, LANANA Baby Food, Wise Agrotecnología…

What we do
Experience has taught us that knowledge accelerates all processes. We are transparent in everything we do, but we keep the confidentiality.
We need courageous people who like a challenge and are not afraid to tackle the digital transformation of their business. We believe that a collaborative world is much better and that working collaboratively is the most efficient way. That's why we want to help you!

"If you are looking for different results,
don't always do the same thing".

Advertising and media

We help you with the advertising of your business, we plan and study the different channels to position your brand or product. In addition, if your business has a budget allocated to it, we manage the media plan so that you get the best performance.

Advertising on television (Tele 5, Antena 3, Regional…), radio, trade magazines, media, interviews, blogs, public or influential, events and tradeshows, etc.

Design and creativity

We are designers and creatives. We help you create your brand, modernise your business through design. Count on us to make your logos, posters, billaboard, infographics, slideshows, brochures and advertising creativities in general.

Packaging design

We are packaging designers for the agri-food industry, helping you to choose the best format for your products without neglecting design and material costs.

Digital marketing and social media

If you are not on the internet you do not exist, and if you are not on the networks they will not know what you want them to know about your business.

All your customers are just a click away, trust professionals when it comes to defining your digital reputation through social networks.

We plan the best solution for your business, adapting to the resources available.

We make Websites

Using principally WordPress, we make a theme from start to finish to make the website more secure.

We take care of the design, content, SEO, photos and everything you need to have a website with the best user experience.

Our priority is to communicate in the most visual way possible, because we know that the first impression is the one that conveys how your company is perceived.

Ecommerce (experts in fresh produce).

We can safely say that more than 80% of the flavoured tomato sold online in the province of Almeria is managed by Treze Marketing, we help you define the online sales strategy for your business. Not only the tool, but also the business processes of your business, to make it as agile and profitable as possible.

We work mainly with Shopify and Woocommerce, but the tool is not the most important thing in e-commerce.

Mobile and web application development

Our infrastructure allows you to save costs when carrying out your development project.

A mobile application, a software or a web platform, our solution allows you to have a minimum viable product in a matter of weeks, and in addition, we guarantee the best user experience and design as we have specialists in interface design.

We make your project profitable!.

Startup and innovation projects

Our direct or indirect participation in different innovative and entrepreneurial projects allows us to act as accelerators of startups in the food sector. We help you with the initial impulse and the implementation of your idea in the most agile and realistic way possible.

  • Research & market
  • Product strategy
  • Stakeholder workshops
  • Business development
  • Innovation consulting
  • UX/UI Design
  • Brand Identity & packaging
  • Websites and mobile apps
  • Visual design
  • Editorial design
  • FrontEnd HTML/CSS/JS
  • Vue.js / React / Php
  • Backend / API integration
  • Wordpress / Shopify
  • iOS & Android apps
  • Press Media
  • Trade show / Events
  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Public relations
  • TV commercials
  • Media planning
  • Creative strategy
  • Film and Motion
  • Brand strategy
Social Media
  • Community manager
  • Blogging & copywriting
  • Paid influencers
  • Social media Ads
  • Display Ads
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We help agri-food companies to innovate through the methodologies used by entrepreneurs.
  • Innovation and launch of new products.
  • Market research and marketing.
  • Development of the entire fruit and vegetable value chain.
  • Business plan and accelerator for entrepreneurs.

"People don't know what they want,
until you show it to them".
We are experts
in Agribusiness
Thanks to our team of professionals, we provide you with the vision and knowledge to achieve differentiation through strategy.


We organise your media plan and advertising plan.

Increase the reputation and presence of your company or brand with a media plan in line with the needs of your sector. We manage your presence and reach in the main media, taking into account your target audience.

We manage and execute your advertising campaigns in the media and on the Internet through the preparation of press releases, interviews, press conferences, newsletter campaigns, etc. Rely on communication professionals to help you communicate your business, idea or product.

We can help you with the strategic marketing plan of your business.

Reach all the business objectives you set yourself effectively thanks to a marketing plan drawn up with an open and innovative perspective that takes into account the current and future market situation.

We carry out an exhaustive analysis to understand the situation of your company, detecting the needs of the company and the actions to be taken.

Rely on us for the digitisation of your business

Find out about the digital platforms that best adapt to the reality of your business and get the most out of new technologies thanks to an implementation adapted to the needs of your company. Solutions, internal and external communication, cloud storage, process management…

We create realistic and profitable digital products.

We develop mobile apps and all kinds of digital solutions according to the features or needs of the company.

Tailor-made digital tools for your business that facilitate your daily management and that of your employees, gaining in efficiency and saving time thanks to the automation of the most repetitive and tedious processes.

Focus on what really matters with our solutions and boost your business.

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