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Here we explain our working methodology and showcase some truly inspiring projects.
Our projects
We work with companies around the world to conceive, design and develop their business. No matter how big or small, our projects have a positive impact. We're here to make your life easier and help solve problems.
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A few things clients normally ask us

Do you charge per hour or per project rate?

We charge per project. We prefer to set a price and define the actual scope of each project, instead of counting hours…

What type of contract is usually made?

We are flexible, we normally sign contracts for projects, but there are other options, let’s talk and we are sure we will find the best solution. Of course, all our contracts have confidentiality clauses, for us this is one of the most important aspects when working in sectors as competitive as the agri-food sector.

How are we organised?

It’s up to you! Some clients prefer to stay on top of projects and hold weekly meetings. We prefer to use agile methodologies (Kanban) through cloud-based tools such as Trello, Zoom, Monday, Google Drive, etc. The important thing is that you feel comfortable, we adapt with the sole purpose of working together and communication is perfect.

We are in a different time zone, is that ok?

Not at all, we work remotely, we do not have a fixed schedule, so we adapt to each project and country without any problem. We currently work in countries such as the US with total normality. We are happy to adapt.

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