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José Antonio Sánchez

José Antonio Sánchez

CEO, Marketing and Innovation
Gabriel Roca

Gabriel Roca

Global Marketing Manager
Paco Alonso

Paco Alonso

Chief Communications Officer (CCO)
Víctor Folk

Víctor Folk

Packaging and Product Designer
Ramón Espinosa

Ramón Espinosa

Senior Front-End Development (CTO)
Lorenzo Rubio

Lorenzo Rubio

Journalist and Digital Marketing
Gabriel Callejón

Gabriel Callejón

SEO, SEM and Social Ads


We organise your media plan and advertising plan.

Increase the reputation and presence of your company or brand with a media plan in line with the needs of your sector. We manage your presence and reach in the main media, taking into account your target audience.

We manage and execute your advertising campaigns in the media and on the Internet through the preparation of press releases, interviews, press conferences, newsletter campaigns, etc. Rely on communication professionals to help you communicate your business, idea or product.

We can help you with the strategic marketing plan of your business.

Reach all the business objectives you set yourself effectively thanks to a marketing plan drawn up with an open and innovative perspective that takes into account the current and future market situation.

We carry out an exhaustive analysis to understand the situation of your company, detecting the needs of the company and the actions to be taken.

Rely on us for the digitisation of your business

Find out about the digital platforms that best adapt to the reality of your business and get the most out of new technologies thanks to an implementation adapted to the needs of your company. Solutions, internal and external communication, cloud storage, process management…

We create realistic and profitable digital products.

We develop mobile apps and all kinds of digital solutions according to the features or needs of the company.

Tailor-made digital tools for your business that facilitate your daily management and that of your employees, gaining in efficiency and saving time thanks to the automation of the most repetitive and tedious processes.

Focus on what really matters with our solutions and boost your business.

Our offices

We are located in Andalusia, Spain. However, our team is working remotely. That means, we can be anywhere in the world at any time.

Where are we? Avda. de la Innovación, 15, 2ª, 55, 04131 Almería, SPAIN – Almería Technology Park (PITA)

We also have an office in Brussels, Belgium. From the European capital we get closer to our fruit and vegetable consumers.

Branch office Rue Pierre Dupont, 200 1140 Brussels (Belgium)
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